Steps Before Applying For Real Estate Financing

admin / September 16, 2019

I always get questions on various topics, but the record-breaking question is “How do I apply for a mortgage?” And today I decided to talk a little about the subject. Unsurprisingly, most Brazilians want their own dreamed home , but many people are frustrated that they don’t know what to do before going to the bank and talking to their…

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Finally: consumer loans

admin / September 3, 2019

Everybody who wants to borrow has been waiting for this for a long time – The central bank wants to further stimulate price competition between financial institutions, so in the future it will introduce a rating to filter out the best loans. According to the National Bank of Hungary, there is not enough price competition between loans. It is known…

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Honest Bank has been selected by Good Finance

admin / September 1, 2019

The Honest Bank investment fund selected a new group of entrepreneurs for its Latin America program. Honest Bank is one of them. How does it feel to be chosen by Good Finance for your new batch in Mexico? An emotion like few . Better than finishing the race and receiving the title. Better than beating the invincible teacher. Better than…

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Let Me Not be Disappointed, Recognize First Collateral Credit

Unsecured Credit Products (KTA) are consumptive debt products whose collateral is in the form of a person’s monthly salary. Actually KTA has collateral. Well Jolezz Marget will discuss about collateral-free loans (KTA) which actually have collateral. Collateral consists of two types, namely principal collateral ( first way out ) and secondary collateral ( second way out ). In productive loans…

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